The Aurora Club in Relleu started some six years ago prompted by a desire to explore the history and culture of our village. Talks, visiting lecturers and trips have taken place monthly – always followed by lunch often at our local Bar Cazador – where Luis and Paloma serve local cuisine and wines. It is worth visiting the website. We have full details of all the presentations to date. They explore to find out about the village’s 2000 year history, local agriculture (Olives, Citrus fruit, Almonds), local customs, nearby villages, bodegas, and ancient monuments. (Web site:  ( Our next meeting on the 21st February,  a trip to Alicante for a guided tour of the extensive Civil War Air-raid  shelters recently recovered. Alicante was the last major city taken by Nationalists. There’s a museum of Civil war artifacts nearby. The visit will be followed by a local beer tasting and lunch in Alicante. Pictures below of a trip exploring the fascinating local geology, a walk to Relleu’s ancient dam, a cookery demonstration at an ancient valley farm-house and Tineke Vlijm introducing the Naturalist and Broadcaster Stephen Moss.