The Almassera Vella Estate is now for sale and listed with Lopez Henderson, C/San Bartololomé 33, Local 1, 03560 El Campello, Alicante, SPAIN Tel +34 965 63 55 50 and see their excellent presentation:

We’ve enjoyed a superb life-style here at the Almassera Vella and made countless friends via our courses and retreats, but we need to downsize –Sale-d_Estar-SergeyLibrary, Almassera Vella

This summer we’ve switched the pool system to salt water and as a result have beautifully clean and clear water seemingly permanently. As the water has a tenth the salt of the sea it isn’t discernible as a taste and we no longer have that hint of chlorine.

It also seems to resist algae. All we have to worry about is occasional Sahara dust after rain storms.