Just opened, a brilliant addition to the attractions of Relleu valley – a high walkway into the deep Amadorio gorge beyond the 17th century dam. Until this exciting addition, the gorge was virtually inaccessible as it descended from Relleu to the Pantano at Orcheta. Occasional daredevils have made it through the tortuous , narrow, occasionally water filled route to its exit point in Orcheta by abseils, rock climbing descents and swimming through deep pools of icy water, but now you can experience this impressive scenery from on high.

On opening day coachloads of visitors arrived – all the bars and restaurants in the village were full.

Take a look:      You tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzPjn4d3Qy0

200 litres plus with a contribution from every tree in our Valero groves, a bumper harvest after last year. The Extra virgin produced excellent – and plenty over for friends. We went on to an olive oil tasting at nearby award winning ‘Señorios de Relleu – where Hugo Quintinilla let us sample his four varieties: Organic, Delicate, Medium and Intense. My favourite, as last year, the Intense. (https://www.senoriosderelleu.com/nosotros/)